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DuBaldo Security Systems Inc. is a locally owned and operated independent full service alarm company. Incorporated in 1989, we are fully insured and licensed. With over 30 years experience in not only security, but all electrical aspects from engineering to full customer support, you can be confident the job is done right. The key to our success is efficiency, prompt courteous service, and expert knowledge. All of our installations pay the utmost attention to details from professional workmanship to complete system testing. Our Underwriters Laboratory approved Central Monitoring Station is equipped with today’s most technologically advanced equipment available. At DuBaldo Security Systems, we are dedicated to providing you state-of-the-art Central Station monitoring.

All of the security, fire, camera, access control and home automation equipment we have standardized and have been carefully selected for both reliability and ease of operation. If it does not work properly, you won’t like it and if it’s not easy, you won’t use it.

DuBaldo Security Systems offers cellular secured alarm monitoring. Cellular Secured (GSM) monitoring eliminates the need for a landline telephone connection.  With the changing telephone technology and the elimination of landline usage, GSM cellular communication has become a quick, reliable and secure standard for all security information. Cut telephone lines and failed alarm transmissions have become a thing of the past.

Our goal is to provide the security package that takes the most common sense approach and implements the best solution for any challenging requirement. We possess the technical qualifications and organizational abilities to customize systems that best meet your needs.

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